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St. Petersburg, 191025
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St. Petersburg Committee for Culture
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Research & Expertise

The Institute for Cultural Programs conducts research, provides expert assessments, and implements programs aimed at both revealing cultural trends and increasing the sustainability of cultural institutions in St. Petersburg.

The ICP has implemented a number of projects, including:

Researched and presented:

  • "The Successes and Challenges of Integrating Migrants into the Cultural Life of St. Petersburg"
  • "Online Purchasing of Tickets to Cultural Events in St. Petersburg"

Coordination of sociological surveys:

  • Availability of St. Petersburg’s culture for people with special needs
  • Amount and Quality of Cultural Services in St. Petersburg
  • Awareness and the public’s attitude towards city arts festivals
  • Availability of St. Petersburg’s culture for citizens from different parts of the city

Drafting a program to increase the availability of cultural services for people with special needs

Hosted the Scientific Research Forum "Saint Petersburg: The Multidimensionality of Cultural Space," which examined strategic planning and financing of culture in St. Petersburg, and culture’s contributions towards increasing the economic potential of the city and the quality of life of its residents. Representatives from academic, cultural and political arenas took part in the forum.