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The Institute for Cultural Programs (ICP) is a state organization for culture and continuing education. It was established in 1993 by the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture of the St. Petersburg City Government.

The ICP’s primary mission is to promote and market St. Petersburg’s culture through expertise, analysis, evaluation and other marketing research in the realm culture and arts with the purpose of implementing the city’s cultural policy. The ICP works in the fields of information, continuing education, and cultural research.

The ICP develops and coordinates local, regional, federal and international programs.

The ICP conducts and publicizes the work of the St. Petersburg Toponymy Commission (St. Petersburg’s Commission on the Origins of Place Names).

The ICP’s main areas of activity are dictated by the current cultural challenges of St. Petersburg. To facilitate the development of successful, up-to-date models of management in the sphere of culture and education, the ICP has been both studying, analyzing and implementing the international experience in the fields.