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Projects 2010

  • International Training Program “Creative Management of Music Festivals”
  • Participation in the Finnish-Russian project “Creative Compass”
  • Organization of participation of the Petersburg delegation in the XI Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum
  • Creation of the web-site of “Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum”
  • Organization of cultural program for participants of the Forum on the Northern Dimension Cultural Partnership
  • “St. Petersburg Next Year. Calendar of Events”
  • “St. Petersburg Next Month. Main Cultural Events”
  • Northwest Russia Calendar of Cultural Events”
  • “St. Petersburg Next Month:
    Professional Contacts in Culture”
  • Brochure “The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Cultural events”
  • Scientific conference “Likhachev’s Heritage and modern urban toponymy”
  • “Music tram”
  • Educational program of distance learning “Web-design” for persons with limitations in movement
  • International Congresses of Peter cities for the Russian program "Path of Peter the Great"
  • Exhibition “Peter’s cities of Russia”
The Finnish-Russian project “Creative Compass”
The “Creative Compass” is coordinated by the Institute for Russia and Eastern Europe, held with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The project creates an interactive network of cooperation for the participants of the creative industries market in Finland and Russia.
In order to access the contact network, users had to apply for registration and fill out forms provided at the website of the project on the Internet.
Registered users of the “Creative Compass network” had an opportunity to search for business partners in Finland, announce their events, as well as to receive information about current events and cultural projects in the immediate area.
The main forms of cooperation within the framework of the project were seminars and workshops that took place in Finland and Russia, and the preparation of publications, covering the situation on the market of creative industries.
Participation in the XI Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum (Hämeenlinna , Finland)
The XI Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum took place on October 6-7, 2010 in Hämeenlinna. The main topic of the forum  was “Art education and the development of creative industries”.
The Institute for Cultural programs coordinated the participation Petersburg delegation in the forum. On the St. Petersburg side, there were submitted 82 applications from 22 cultural organizations for participation in the XI Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum. All project proposals have been posted on the internet pages of the Finnish- Russian Forum. 35 representatives of St. Petersburg cultural and educational organizations were invited to participate in the XI Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum after the selection of received projects by the organizing committee of the Forum. The delegation was headed by Deputy Chairman of the Culture A.V. Platunov.
The Institute has prepared a summary on the implementation of partnership projects in the framework of the Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum in 2009 - 2010. Representatives of the Institute organized a trip to Petersburg delegation to the venue of the forum, coordinated the participants during the events of the forum.
Petersburg delegation took an active part in all the activities of the Forum: meetings, partnership negotiations, seminars, and thematic sections. Thus, the participants of the Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum managed to achieve the main goal of the Forum - the development and strengthening of international cultural relations.
Conducting workshops and seminars on children’s art (in cooperation with Lappeenranta, Finland)
As part of this project a bilateral visit of experts from Russia and Finland, dedicated to the exchange of experiences in the field of children’s art education. The Institute for cultural programs was engaged in the organization of visits.
During a visit to St. Petersburg November 16, 2010 experts from Finland, the representatives of the South Karelian Art Museum and the School of Arts “Bandstand” took part in the international conference "The museum and education in the new socio-cultural dimension" devoted to the 20th anniversary of Russian Center of Museum Education and Children’s art of the Russian Museum. Experts from Finland made presentations: "The development and management of the new entity in the culture for children in Finland. Experience of Lappeenranta”, and “Accessible Art Museum”. November 17th the experts organized a workshop where they were able to see the unique methods in the field of artistic creation, followed by a panel discussion with educators and experts.
November 28-29, 2010 a delegation from St. Petersburg conducted a work visit to the city of Lappeenranta. The delegation visited the School of Arts “Bandstand”, where was organized a presentation of the school and held the meeting with its guidance. November 29 they participated in a master class at the Children’s Art School of Lappeenranta. Then, in the framework of the seminar at the South Karelian Art Museum, representatives of St. Petersburg delegation made ​​presentations of their organizations. The main objective of the project was, therefore, achieved, the foundation for the further development of cooperation between Russian and Finnish educational and cultural centers of children’s art education was established.
Scientific-practical conference "Heritage of prof. Likhachev and the modern urban toponymy”
November 19, 2010 by the initiative of the St. Toponymical Commission Petersburg hosted a scientific conference devoted to discussion of actual problems of modern place naming.
The scientific event was attended by leading historians, historians, cartographers, linguists, cultural, and media representatives.
The main objective of the conference was to develop a common approach to effective solution of current issues of toponymy in the modern Russian city. The conference discussed the issue of the compatibility of historical, Soviet and modern place names on the map of the city, as it is now in Russia there is no single evidence-based approach to the issue. Taking into account the high value of the returning of the lost history of names for the current generation, the participants stressed the need to review each case.
The main topics of the presentations and discussions were: "The principles of Dmitry Likhachev in the field of protection of cultural heritage", “The criteria and principles of the returning of historical names", "The problem of the perpetuation of the outstanding personalities in the map" and “Legal support for the toponymic activities in St. Petersburg”.
Experts have noted the urgent need for the emergence of urban legislation in toponymy, which will clearly regulate the toponymic activities.
Abstracts of the conference are posted on the official website of the Committee for Culture and in the "New Toponymyc Journal”.