Institute of Peter the Great

Since 2010, the Institute for Cultural Programs is running a new subdivision - Institute of Peter the Great.

The main task of the Institute is the study and promotion of the heritage of Peter the Great in the fields of culture, education, liberal arts, which were understood as a set of ideas and traditions, claiming the European choice of Russia, its commitment to principles of the European Enlightenment and the cultural community, while preserving the national identity of Russia.

The Institute of Peter the Great assists the cultural integration of St. Petersburg with other cities and towns founded or developed by Peter the Great while his travels.

Among the projects implemented by the Institute of Peter the Great are the Congress of Peter’s Cities, exhibitions and seminars; preparation and releases of scientific and popular publications.

International Communication, Networking, and Internationalization

The EDUCRO team invites to join the Module 6 International Communication, Networking, and Internationalization session, which will be held on 16.09.2021 and 30.09.2021 at 9:00-11:00 am EEST/Moscow.

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The international educational seminar "Musical Theater for Children and Teenagers"

Today a two-day seminar "Musical Theater for children and Teenagers" was finished in St. Petersburg. The seminar was organized within the frame of the18th Russia-wide Festival of theatrical art for children "Harlequin". The rich seminar’s program and presentations of speakers about the up-to-date topics attracted participants from different parts of Russia.

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