Contents for Cross-Cultural Events - C3E

The Contents for Cross-Cultural Events - C3E project is part of the CBC 2014-2020 Southeast Finland – Russia programme funded by the European Union, The Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. The overall CBC 2014-2020 umbrella programme aims at creating attractive regions for people and businesses.

This particular Project falls under the Priority 2 aiming at an innovative, skilled and well-educated area. The thematic objective is to support education, research, technological development and innovation. Duration of the project: 01.12.2018 – 31.11.2021

The C3E project aims at furthering skills in innovative management and marketing as well as creates new concepts for cultural festivals, cultural houses and event organizers in St. Petersburg, Kouvola, Kotka and Mikkeli regions. We also further the attractiveness of regions across the Finnish-Russian border through developing cross-artistic, multi-disciplinary concepts within festival and fashion design industries by using service design tools and gamification.

Main activities include market research of challanges, possibilities and trends in the creative industries and education as well as implementation of trainings on innovative management and marketing. Project also inputs ro cross-artistic events by gathering pilot teams and indentifying needed skills and networks. 

The C3E project partners:

  • South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk
  • Institute for Cultural Programs 
  • St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design 


Official website

“Cultural Projects & Innovations. Best International Practices” conference

"Future of Festivals" conference

*Header image credits: Daria Enukhova, Pihla Liukkonen (collage of multiple photos made in Xamk).