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Projects 2012

  • Creation and promotion of training programs for the organizers of public events as a tool for the development of cultural and tourism initiatives in the North-West Russia
  • The Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum.
  • Publication of “St. Petersburg Next Year. Calendar of Cultural Events”
  • Congress of Peter’s cities
  • Catalogue of Peter’s monuments in St. Petersburg and Russia
  • Photo exhibition "Cities of Peter the Great"
  • “Management of music festival”.  “Northern Dimension Management in Culture and Creative Industries”
  • “Development of financing and legislation in the creative industries sector of the Northern Dimension area”
  • Conference “Toponymics of the Russian city: Between Past and Future”
  • “Development of creative industries partnership between Northwest Russia and the Nordic countries”
Promoting Event Management Training Program as a Resource for Development of Cultural Industries and Tourism in the North-West Russia
The project is part of the grant program of the European Union for Non-State Actors and Local Authorities Program for the Baltic Sea Region. The purpose of the project is the creation of international educational and training programs of professional development for managers in the sphere of the public event organization, as well as the implantation of the student campus festival model in St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. The project aims to build impetus for the development of culture and tourism in the North-West of Russia.
The Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum
Institute for Cultural Programs annually organizes the participation of St. Petersburg delegations in The Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum.
The Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum is an innovative project in the framework of cross-border cooperation in the European Union. In both countries this project is related to the number of the most important programs of cooperation, and its main purpose is to increase the importance of culture in bilateral ties, support the regional development of the two countries through the culture, and promote the emergence and development of joint partnership projects.