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The Institute offers information and PR support to projects aimed at increasing the role of arts and culture in regional economic development and attracting the attention of an international audience.
The Institute assists the development of professional communications between authorities, state and public cultural institutions, NGO’s, and business sector organizations.

The Institute for Cultural Programs carries out the development, coordination, information and PR-support projects aimed at strengthening the role of culture in regional economic development and attraction of global attention to St. Petersburg and North-West region of Russia.
The Institute promotes the development of professional communication between the state and public organizations, cultural institutions and business sector.
Projects in 2018
The Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum
Institute for Cultural Programs annually organizes the participation of St. Petersburg delegations in The Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum.
The Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum is an innovative project in the framework of cross-border cooperation in the European Union. In both countries this project is related to the number of the most important programs of cooperation, and its main purpose is to increase the importance of culture in bilateral ties, support the regional development of the two countries through the culture, and promote the emergence and development of joint partnership projects.
"The Roads of Victory" National Program
The main goal of the program is to instill patriotic feelings in modern school students, spark their interest in the study of cultural and historical heritage of the country, and raise their civic awareness.
"Contents for Cross-Cultural Events" Project
The project is implemented within the "South-East Finland - Russia 2014-2020" CBC program. 

Publication of “St. Petersburg Next Year. Calendar of Cultural Events”
“St. Petersburg Next Year. Calendar of Cultural Events” informs Russian and international community about the projects of cultural organizations of St. Petersburg for the year ahead. The publication is included in the St. Petersburg official presentation package, which is distributed on the Russian and international tourist fairs.
Congress Peter’s cities
The project aims to preserve and promote the historical and cultural heritage of Russia, promote cultural integration of Peter cities, strengthen the image of St. Petersburg as a cultural capital and main Peter’s city of Russia.
The purpose of the Congress is the study the historical and cultural significance of Peter’s endeavors for the development of small and large Russian cities and regions, analyze the influence of Peter’s reforms on the historical fate of Russia in the context of its interaction with the European world.
“The Museum Olympus” Award
Organized in order to raise the prestige of the museum carrier and upgrade professional qualification of museums. The competition aims to promote personnel of museums for outstanding contributions to the development of culture, as well as citizens of the Russian Federation for the support of the development of museums in St. Petersburg.
"Total Dictation" Worldwide Russian Literacy Test
Total Dictation is an annual Russian literacy test organized all around the world. It is an event aimed at drawing attention to issues of literacy and at developing a culture of literate writing. Total Dictation takes place at the same time all over the world, with the same text, under the same conditions and same evaluation criteria.